How A Stay At Home Mom Raised Her Credit Score Almost 200 Points In Only 90 Days

June 20, 2016| By: Melanie Goodman

alison-cars(Rockford, IL) – If you are one of the 160 million Americans suffering from problems relating to your credit:
Whether it’s credit cards, collection accounts, student loans, tax liens, or judgements….

This will be the most fascinating story you’ve ever read.

Alison Hilton is a housewife who was able to raise her credit score from 588 to a remarkable 781. And it only took 90 days.

How did she do it?

The answer will shock you.
You’re about to discover the same unknown “trick” that was the reason Alison’s
credit score went up so quickly.

Amazingly, this weird trick is 100% legal and does not involve the help of credit repair companies, lawyers, or filing bankruptcy.

Everything you thought you knew about credit repair is not only wrong, it’s costing you thousands of dollars every month you neglect the issue.

Alison describes how one day a family friend, who was a credit repair insider, showed her this “trick” that was used to raise her score so fast.

“Thanks to the help of our trusted family friend, I was able to save our family from financial disaster.”

Hiring credit repair firms and attorneys is expensive. And now that you have this legal “Loophole”, repairing your credit quickly and easily is as close as your computer keyboard.

This legal loophole triggers a little-known consumer protection tool, which can stop all those harassing phone calls, while at the same time removing derogatory items from your credit report in as little as 30 days. Everything from past due payments, collection accounts, tax liens, judgments, student loans, repossessions and bankruptcy.

When used correctly, this amazing loophole has been known to legally force creditors to delete negative items from your report and could raise your scores 150 points in as little as 30 days.

Here’s the best part.
Because the system worked so well for Alison, she convinced the creator of this legal loophole to record a step-by-step video of the entire process and post it online.

The secret video has allegedly been the source of major problems for banks and credit card companies. Insiders claim they’ve even received threats if the video is taken down.

You can Watch It Here (before it gets taken down).

The video hit social media a few months ago and since then, has gone viral with thousands of views and a swirl of controversy around it. Sources say that the whistleblower has been repeatedly asked by his former employer to remove the video immediately.

Currently, the video is still online and can be viewed here, however nobody knows for how long. It could be taken down without notice as it continues to be the catalyst for increased credit scores. Interestingly, this Legal Credit Repair Loophole has been known to work even better the worse your credit is.

If you’re curious about how to raise your credit score up to 160 points in as less as thirty days, you’ll want to watch the video now. There’s no risk. The only is risk is not seeing how this weird trick works and begin improving your credit score today.